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gfspark : Growth Forecast on Terminal

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Growth Forecast on Terminal.

gfspark is a CLI graph viewer for Growth Forecast.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'gfspark'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install gfspark



gfspark : Growth Forecast on Terminal

usage: gfspark <url|path|service_name> [section_name] [graph_name]

    gfspark your_service/your_section/your_graph h --url=
    gfspark your_service your_section your_graph h --url=

        --url=VALUE                  Your GrowthForecast URL
    -u, --user=USER
    -p, --pass=PASS
    -t, --type=VALUE                 Range of Graph
        --gmode=VALUE                graph mode: gauge or subtract (default is gauge)
        --from=VALUE                 Start date of graph (2011/12/08 12:10:00) required if t=c or sc
        --to=VALUE                   End date of graph (2011/12/08 12:10:00) required if t=c or sc
    -h, --height=VALUE               graph height (default 10
    -w, --width=VALUE                graph width (default is deteced from $COLUMNS)
    -c, --color=VALUE                Color of graph bar (black/red/green/yellow/blue/magenta/cyan/white)
    -x, --x-axis-label=VALUE         Show x axis labels (hide/show/simple: default is show)
    -n, --non-fullwidth-font         Show bar symbol as fullwidth
        --sslnoverify                don't verify SSL
        --sslcacert=v                SSL CA CERT
        --debug                      debug print

    -t option detail:
        y : Year (1day avg)
        m : Month (2hour avg)
        w : Week (30min avg)
       3d : 3 Days (5min avg)
      s3d : 3 Days (5min avg)
        d : Day (5min avg)
       sd : Day (1min avg)
       8h : 8 Hours (5min avg)
      s8h : 8 Hours (1min avg)
       4h : 4 Hours (5min avg)
      s4h : 4 Hours (1min avg)
        h : Hour (5min avg)
       sh : Hour (1min avg)
        n : Half Day (5min avg)
       sn : Half Day (1min avg)
        c : Custom (5min avg)
       sc : Custom (1min avg)

gfspark does not supports "COMPLEX GRAPH". if graph output is broken, try --non-fullwidth-font option. For example, if your Terminal font is "Rickty", then it'll be fix graph output problem.


gfspark load default settings from .gfspark file. This configuration file is searched from current dirctory to pararents, or your home directory(~/.gfspark).

.gfspark is YAML file. It's contents is like bellow

color: red
username: "your basic auth username"
password: "your basic auth password"
non_fullwidth_font: true


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